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Based in the small European state of Moldova, Kepard is an elegant solution to VPN and proxy needs online. Operating as an entirely standalone VPN service, Kepard has gathered fans from all around the world thanks to its flat pricing, smooth interface and unlimited features. Wholly recognized by leading technology publications as one of the best products on the market, Kepard’s VPN is a powerful and secure solution to encryption. The small company has only been operating since August of 2012, but has collected a cult following of fans who shun the larger and more established services in favor of the Moldovan minnow.

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At the top of Kepard’s list of priorities is security and privacy, values reflected in their maximum log time of 3 days. Within 72 hours, all recorded logs have been permanently and irreversibly wiped from the company’s local storage – ensuring that its customers experience no data breach. Information recorded is fairly entry-level anyway, consisting normally of just an IP address and session timings. A disclaimer on the website acknowledges that Kepard will only divulge information in a state of legal force/emergency – though with logs only dating back 3 days, this is largely a formality. The Moldovan company’s hardware facilitates encryption of up to 256-bit, which is double the 128-bit default option.


Kepard is one of the more standard VPN services available, openly declaring that its service is a “no frills” security program. Having said this, Kepard doesn’t lack for anything and its features are compounded by intuitiveness, innovation and elegant simplicity. There are no limits on bandwidth or speed and protocols include L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN and PPTP. The company has spent a lot of time and effort on their Android app, which is certainly one of the highest rated mobile VPNs for that platform – whilst the Windows interface is similarly easy to use. Kepard allows users to connect from two entirely different locations at the same time, an added layer of security to scramble any data transfers. Service providers are off-shore and the VPN also allows Torrents and P2Ps across its Holland servers. Along with the Netherlands, Kepard also maintains servers in the US, UK, Germany, France and Canada.


Kepard is renowned for losing very little speed across its VPN connections, particularly those using nearby servers. Extensive user agent testing has shown that UK users can expect to lose around 15% speed when connected to UK servers and around 30% from further afield connections. US users will experience slightly higher losses, but Kepard still outperforms many of its larger and more expensive rivals. With many modern broadband services frequently operating as low as 70% efficiency, Kepard’s speed loss will be unnoticeable for most web users. Streaming and downloading will still be possible through this VPN, whilst downloading through P2P is made bearable through lightning quick Netherlands servers.


Kepard is modest about its pricing plans, with their “Free 30 Minutes VPN Per Day” not even advertised on their website. When downloading the VPN client, users are enabled with half hour of free anonymous surfing every day and also a ‘15 Day Free Premium Trial.’ On top of this, the pricing structure is equally impressive – with a Monthly plan at $7 per month, Quarterly at $6.30 and Yearly at $3.

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12 months




Customer Support:

Being one of the smaller VPN companies, Kepard operates a smaller (but efficient) customer support structure. The Moldovan service has dedicated time and effort into producing extensive FAQ sections and Tutorials. An e-mail service and support ticket system offer users the chance to directly contact Kepard, with most issues being resolved on the same working day.

Ease of Use:

Kepard has been quoted as making ease-of-use as a priority at the forefront of their development. The VPN software is intuitive and consistent across all platforms, with the Android app being a particular standout performer in simplicity. An elegantly designed interface affords even beginners the opportunity to use VPNs without intimidation. Overall Kepard punches well above its weight, matching the pricing models and feature lists of companies ten times its size.

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