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What Does a VPN Do?

Simply put, a VPN protects your data and connection online. If you don’t have a VPN and use public Wi-Fi, stream on Netflix or download torrents, you are open to attack. A VPN helps protect you by hiding your IP address, which secures your data and helps you achieve anonymity online.

Is a Free VPN Enough?

There are tons of VPNs to choose from and the quality is always on the rise. This can be overwhelming, particularly if you are new to the process or don’t know what to look for. A free VPN is great to start with and allows you to try out different services.

When exploring new service options, make sure to be realistic about your needs and computer habits. For example, if you use both Windows and Mac devices, you will need to find a free VPN that covers each type of device.

How a VPN Benefits You

Since everyone uses the internet in their own way, the benefits will vary depending on your usage. No matter which service you choose though, you should be able to anonymously browse online through a tunnel service. This helps mask your identity by creating a new IP address that’s not traceable back to you.

If you are a hardcore gamer or need a high-speed internet connection, be sure to pick a VPN that won’t slow your computer down.

Speed and Reliability

While a VPN will keep you safe by rerouting all online traffic through an encrypted server, the process is not always great for your PC speed. The best VPNs won’t have a noticeable effect on your connection, while the worst ones will actually slow your PC down. When you are looking for a new VPN, be sure to consider one with 99.9% uptime, as well as no speed or bandwidth caps.

VPN for Business

VPNs can be great for business, as they allow employees to access a private network with secure files and data, even while working remotely. This type of network creates protection for both the employer and employee. Generally, a VPN can just be installed on the employee’s device and they are ready to work anywhere, anytime.