The Best 10 VPNs for Android

Top 10 best VPNs for Android:

1. Avira Phantom VPN - World-class encryption and a great set of features

2. ExpressVPN - Special Android app is designed to work right out the box

3. PureVPN - Android app comes with fours modes: stream, internet freedom, security and file-sharing

4. IPVanish - Comes with "Scramble" for extra encryption 

5. VyprVPN - Unique Android app with ping test to choose the best server

6. OneVPN - Includes freebies like ad blocker and anti-malware

7. NordVPN - Firm zero logging policy ensures your data is secure

8. HideMyAss - The fastest, most reliable servers available 

9. SurfEasy - Works exclusively with OpenVPN - the gold standard for VPN security 

10. - Blazing-fast Android app automatically connects you to the fastest server

 Use a VPN to protect your Android phonesWhile you’re probably already sold on the benefits of using a VPN on your computer or laptop, you may not give that much thought to your Android devices. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly becoming the preferred method to go online.

More importantly, though, your Android device is constantly in your pocket; and you probably use it the while on public Wi-Fi. This is a lot less secure than using your connection back home. Look at it another way. Protecting your computer but not your Android device is a lot like locking your door, only to leave your windows open. It’s a really bad idea, to say the least.

As luck would have it, there are some great VPNs on the market with dedicated Android apps. What’s more, the best ones have great features and are very affordable, so you really have no excuses.

Read on for more analysis of each of the top 10 best VPNs for Android devices.

A VPN can help you with online privacy

Avira Phantom VPN

Avira Phantom VPN boasts world-class encryption and a set of great features, including a free browser that blocks unwanted scripts and prevents third parties from tracking your online activity. As a plus, it’s also a member of the ITSMIG (Teletrust IT Security Association Germany) - a voluntary association committed to producing backdoor-free software. With credentials like these, you can rest assured Avira Phantom VPN truly has your privacy at heart. Read our expert Avira Phatom review


Intuitive, powerful and easy to use, ExpressVPN’s Android app is one of the best around. The app is designed to work right out of the box; and comes complete with a smart locations feature that chooses the fastest server possible based on your location whenever you log on. Of course, you’ll also benefit from all of ExpressVPN’s top notch features. OpenVPN is the default security protocol; and the more than 100 servers in 78 countries are all optimized for speed and come with 99.99% uptime and unlimited bandwidth. Read our expert ExpressVPN review.


PureVPN boasts one of the most fully-featured VPN Android apps around. It has four modes - stream, internet freedom, security, and file-sharing - which allows you to quickly adjust the VPN’s settings depending on what you want to do online. Even better, you can sync your preferences across all of your Android devices. This ensures a seamless experience, whether you’re on the go with your smartphone or at home on the couch with your tablet. Read our expert PureVPN review.


IPVanish’s Android app works on OpenVPN at 256-bit by default. You’ll also get Scramble - an additional layer of security that further bolsters the encryption levels on your device. IPVanish’s best feature, though, is its VoIP integration, which allows you to change your location so that you’ll pay the cheapest bills possible. You’ll also get access to more than 450 servers in 60 countries, all continually monitored to ensure the best speeds possible. Read our expert IPVanish review


While VyprVPN automatically connects to the fastest available server, its Android app also includes a ping test you can use to choose the best server yourself. The connection is secured using Chameleon, a proprietary security protocol built specifically to beat VPN blocking and deal with any performance issues you may come across. Uniquely among VPNs, VyprVPN’s Android app allows you to customize your VPN experience on a per app basis, which affords you a really high degree of control on your online privacy and geo-location. Read our expert VyprVPN review


Despite being relatively new on the market - it was only released in August 2016 - OneVPN’s Android app is nothing short of impressive. Installation is quick and easy, and the VPN secures your device with 256-bit encryption OpenVPN by default. As a plus, you’ll also get a bunch of freebies, including an ad blocker and anti-malware protection. Read our expert OneVPN review.


One of the best-rated apps on the Google Play store, NordVPN’s Android app is intuitive and beautifully designed. The service has a firm zero logging policy, and all your data is encrypted using OpenVPN as standard. Best of all? It’s as user-friendly as it gets. Just download, install and that’s it. You’re all done. Read our expert NordVPN review.


Owned by internet security giant AVG, HideMyAss is one of the best-loved VPNs around. It’s fast, reliable and has a huge selection of servers - a staggering 900 in 191 countries and counting. HideMyAss’ Android app also comes with support for various languages, including Arabic, Korean, Japanese and Russian. Read our expert HideMyAss review.


Part of the trusted Opera brand, SurfEasy is all about strong encryption, ease of use, and, most importantly, portability. SurfEasy works exclusively with the OpenVPN protocol - the gold standard in VPN security - and includes a secure private browser you can use on any device. The Android app itself has a firm no logging policy and some really nifty extras, including an ad blocker, Wi-Fi hotspot security, and live in-app customer support. Read our expert SurfEasy review

Smooth as silk and incredibly easy to set up,’s Android app keeps you protected even on a choppy 3G connection. The app automatically selects the fastest server for you, so you won’t have to worry about tweaking anything yourself. Best of all? supports one of the widest ranges of security protocols on the market; and it’s certified completely log free. Whether you use your Android device for an online shopping spree or to answer confidential work emails, you can rest assured that no one will be able to spy on what you’re doing. Read our expert review


As you can see, getting an antivirus software for your Android device is extremely important to ensuring your data and personal details remain secure. Luckily you have several amazing providers that each offer unique features and tools to choose from. If you want to read more about any of the providers we discussed above, view our expert reviews here


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